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Onam is the day when King Mahabali visits his citizens to find about their welfare. It is also a day of Vamana Avatar descending on earth.

ONAM is celebrated by Swami at Puthaparthi as one of the major festival, wherein Keralites in great numbers visit Prashanti Nilayam to seek HIS Blessings. Swami obliges with special Darshan, Discourses and blessings to HIS Devotees on Onam Day. The celebration at Parthi this year is on 27th and 28th August,2004

For the first times this year All the SAMITHIS from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai togather will celebrate ONAM at DHARMAKSHETRA on 29th AUGUST, 2004. It will be celebrated as if we all are in PARTHI and SWAMI is with us. 

DHARMAKSHETRA gets decorated as Prashanti Nilayam gets decorated during ONAM  on 29th August, 2004. The place gets decorated in typical KERALA Style. With Keralites getting dressed in their traditional dresses.

A detailed Programme list will be circulated shortly.

A special Naryana Seva for nearly 1500 is being arranged in the morning at DK . 

In the evening starting at 4.15 P.M. their would be Bhajans, Cultural Programmes etc.presented by the youth and children from different Samithis from Mumbai ending with Aarti and Prasad. A top well known singer will be rendering some of his outstanding Devotional Songs.


Posted by Rajeev Nambiar on 18.08.2004