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Gram Seva / Water Project at Bhurujwadi



Sairam Brothers & Sisters,

The Bhumi Pujan for the water project at Burujwadi near Karjat is scheduled for Sunday 22/08/04. A detailed agenda for the bhumi pujan is given below. 

The current water project at Burujwadi which the Youth of Mumbai have undertaken will benefit about 7 villages and a population of about 1300 people.Burujwadi is located off Karjat near Matheran.During summer time the villagers need to climb down the hill for about 45 minutes to fetch water.   

The total cost of the project is estimated at Rs.20 lakhs. The salient features of the project are:- 

1.The cluster of 7 villages is located atop a hill spreading over a surface area of approx.

1.5 kms overall. The distance between each village on the hill top is about 3-400 meters.  

2.A water tank with a capacity of 63,000 litres has been planned to be constructed on the top of the hill. A jack well at the foot hill will be the source of water, which will be pumped upto the water tank.A water pump will be installed alongside the jack well. 

3.HDPE / G.I pipelines for approx 5 kims of surface area will be laid for water to reach the various villages. 

4.Water huts (popularly known as Tappas) at all the villages will be constructed to facilitate the villagers. 

5.A bund (mini dam) on the river has also been suggested to conserve water levels. 

One needs to physically see the location to feel the intensity of the project.  Let us all seek the grace and help of Bhagwan in completing this project.

 Programme for the Day 

By the Grace & Blessings of Bhagawan,  Water Project has been taken up by the Youth of Mumbai in Bhurujwadi Village near Karjat as a part of Gram Seva. The Bhumi Pujan of the Water Project will be held on August 22, 2004 and all the Youth of Mumbai will participate and invoke the Blessings of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. You are cordially invited for this auspicious occasion. The detailed program is as follows:-

  6:30 AM                               Arrival at SAI PREM (Vashi)

  6:35 AM                               Breakfast

  7:00 AM                               Departure to Bhurujwadi Village (Bus Arranged)

  8:30 AM                               Arrival at Village

  8:45 AM                               Trek up to Village

  9:30 AM                               Bhajans / Nagarsankirtan 

10:15 AM                               Bhumi Pujan of Water Project / Shram dhaan by brothers

10:30 AM                               Spiritual Talks with the Villagers

12:00 PM                               Narayan Seva

02:00 PM                               Aarti

03:00 PM                               Departure from village (Bus Arranged)

In Case of any queries please contact :                

Ajay Nair -            (R) 25063857  (M) 31094856 

Mahesh Gokhlani-  (R) 36004458  (M) 9820069243

Litesh -                 (R) 32609099 (M)  9821520636 

Venkat -               (R) 32609056 (M)  9869085583 

Srinivas -                 (R) 25298671 (M) 09821117153 

Please Note the address of Sai Prem :


Sector 10 A,

Next to Balaji Temple,

Vashi, New Mumbai.

Ph. No 2 780 1867

Jai Sairam

(From Sai Youth of Mumbai)