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Note: This guide is not only intended for Balavikas students, this also helps every one who wants to know about the Indian Culture and Spirituality and also refresh the memory of those who have forgotten many of them. This will also guide all parents to teach their children and putting a foundation in their mind about Indian Culture and spirituality. Therefore we take pleasure in posting this in seven parts in our Forum for the benefit of all and are intended for fact-finding reading. Thanks to the author.  ‘saidevotees_worldnet’

Om Sri Sai Ram


[Based on the Divine Teachings of BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA]



Each letter of the alphabet reminds us of one or more of Bhagawan's sayings:

A - Arise! And Awake from the sleep of ignorance and attain a state of realisation, that is the realisation of Atma. Atma is what is infinitesimally small; envelopes That which is infinitely large. It is present everywhere and manifests itself under all circumstances, Atma is Brahmam.

B - Brahma is the only truth. It shines as Atma in all the different forms of living being. That which is eternal Truth, that which is unchanging, that which is pure knowledge and That which cannot be described by words is Brahmam. The knowledge of Brahmam is Brahma-Vidhya; it is the true and real vidya. Brahmam is the One without a second.

C - Character is our wealth and good conduct is our treasure. Knowledge of the God in us is the foundation for both. The voice of God, our conscience, is our master and guide.

D - Duty is God: Work is worship. Discipline, devotion and duty are the three "D"s essential for our welfare.

Do not be afraid of death.

Do not forget God.

Do not get yourself involved too much in this world. "Dil me Ram, hath me Kam" Think of Ram (God) and do Kam (Work). In the heart Ram or God and in the hand do the work.

E - Education has the proper effect only if you are able to control your senses, set your ideas on the right path and keep your mind clean.

Real education requires the cultivation of humility. The education that builds bliss in our hearts, peace in our minds, and happiness in our lives is the true education. Education must result in the development of 'Viveka' and 'Vinaya'. (Discrimination and humility).

F - For your future to be happy, you must even now, be good, do good and see good. Follow the master-that is, your Conscience.

Face the devil. (The evil urges)

Fight till the end. (Till you realise the One)

Finish the game. (Merge in God)

G - Guru is none other than God. The vision of God that resides in the heart can be had through an un-wavering devotion for the Lotus feet of the Guru and by following His teachings.

H - Humility gained by Vidhya will lead you to deservedness: Deservedness will in turn get you prosperity. Prosperity will make you righteousness or Dharmic and you will be able to serve and save yourselves. This is the way to win the grace of the Lord.

I - "I" is in all. "I" is everywhere. Therefore, if one is able to understand, that "I" is everywhere, he can easily realise it as the Atma.

J - Jeeva and Brahma constitute one seed. They are like two halves of the whole seed and ut of it life sprouts. God is Mahasakthi and the Jeeva is Mayasakthi. God is genuine; Jeeva is the shadow, God the reality, Jeeva the appearance.

K - "Kama" (Lust) and Krodha (Anger) are the basis for all the sins and the root causes for all troubles. When Rama (God) enters our heart than Kama (Desire) will be destroyed.

L - "Less luggage makes travel more comfortable". Our life is a long journey, because we are accumulating a lot of luggage in the form of many desires, life is filled with anxiety and troubles. Diminishing the luggage (shedding desires) is Vairagya. If we lessen our desires then life's journey, will be comfortable.

M - "Mathru Devo Bhava,

Pithru Devo Bhava

Acharya Devo Bhava

Athithi Devo Bhava

That is worship the mother as God, the father as God, the Guru as God and the guest as God. These are injunctions given to us by the scriptures. God is pleased only if we do the above duties properly. Mother and father are visible living Gods for they have given birth and have undergone so much of sacrifices and troubles for our welfare and happiness. If today, you show respect to your parents, your children will respect you and give you happiness in future.

N - Noble thoughts, deeds and words make one noble and enable him purify his heart so that Para Brahmam may be reflected therein. Nara should make attempts to become Narayana.

O - One and the only reality is the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God. OM or Omkaar represents Brahmam.

P - Path of Karma or work is like the path by which you go by foot. The path of Bhakti or Devotion is like path by which you go by a car. The path or Yoga or concentration is like path by which you go by steamer. The path of Jnana or wisdom is like path by which you go by airplane. All paths lead to (Puttaparthy, the abode of) the living God.

Q - The quest for knowledge is the doorway to wisdom. The quest to know one's real self is the Atma Vidhya or Brahma Vidhya, by which one knows the real truth.

R - Remember! so long as Sankalpas or desires are in you, you cannot escape being born, again and again.

Life + desire = Human

Life - desire = Divine

S - Self-confidence will ensure self satisfaction. Once you have self satisfaction, then you can acquire the great virtue of self sacrifice and by self sacrifice alone can you attain self realisation. It is quite possible to understand the Divine Spirit while-young When your mind and body is strong and healthy. So start such good practices and get fixed in them while still young "Start early, drive slowly, reach safely".

T - The tongue is doubly sacred. It should be used for uttering the name of Lord in order to transform the Manava (man) into Madhava (God).

Instead, if you abuse the tongue and talk ill of others, you become an animal. If your foot slips the injury can be healed but if your tongue slips, the injury it causes in the heart of another will not heal for ever. The tongue is liable to commit four wrongs: (1) Uttering falsehood, (2) Scandalizing, (3) Finding fault with others, and (4) Excessive talk. Always talk sweetly and softly. You cannot always oblige; but talk obligingly.

U - Utter the name of God, meditate continuously on God, and Spend your time in the company of the good. Give away your wealth to the weak and the needy. Ultimately you will feel the unity in all and attain unity with the Almighty. If you end your life remembering God and uttering the name of God, you can surely attain immortality. So practice uttering the name of God, along with every act of breathing.

V - "Virtues cannot be practiced in a vacuum." It is not necessary to retire to the forest to get rid of anger, hatred and other bad qualities. Remain in worldly surroundings when there is ample scope for the rising up emotions and there learn to control them. That will be a meritorious achievement.

W - The Three "W"s which you have to aspire in order to win God's grace are (1) Work, (2) Worship, and (3) Wisdom. Work stands for sacred work, to promote the prosperity and happiness of the country. You should worship with a pure mind and aspire for wisdom. The three 'W's which one should avoid are (1) Wealth, (2) Women, and (3) Wine.

X - X-mas or any other such holy days shown in the calendar are not the real holy days. The day when we start realising divinity in everything around us and in us, that day is the real sacred and holy day.

Y - Yearn for God's grace through Prema, Bhakti and sincere Seva. Whoever comes seeking service from you is the best of individuals at that time. Whatever help you can give him by serving him will be your best duty and this will be the best work that you can do to earn God's grace. Seek all chances of serving others.

Z - Zoo is the place where animals are caged and bred. Do not allow your heart to become a zoo by allowing animal like qualities like anger, jealously and hatred to breed. Suppress these tendencies by Namasmarana and try to develop Sathwic qualities by Sadhana. If you install divine qualities in your heart, then God himself will reside there and make you also divine by his Grace.



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Sent with Sai love by Sai brother M. Palaniswamy, ‘saidevotees_worldnet’