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Dear brothers,

This mail is from a student in bhagavan's institute

Brindavan Update 4, 5 and 6th of May 2004


In the morning Bhagawan came out for Darshan and walked upto the 2nd block. Here all the Sri Lankan devotees and other Buddhist devotees were seated. As you may know, 4th of May was the festival of Buddha Jayanti. Swami blessed these devotees and then turning back towards the first block, He asked the boys to start Bhajans. Being a Tuesday, the Bhajan boys were not prepared for singing Bhajans. Budhha Jayanti celebrations were as such not on the cards. Therefore, there was a crisis management to be done! The instruments were immediately procured and in a few minutes Bhajans began.

Meanwhile, Swami went over the stage and sat on the chair. He sat for 19 Bhajans!! The Bhajan boys and their coordinator had a real tough time to keep 19 Bhajans going without a predefined schedule!! To add to the test, Swami got up in the middle of a Bhajan and started walking towards Trayee!! For a moment, they thought Swami may want to continue Bhajans till evening – Akhanda Bhajans!! You can imagine their plight. However, Mr. Padmanabhan slowly approached Swami and indicated about Aarti. Swami was still not very inclined but then He gave permission – the ever compassionate Lord!!

In the evening, Swami unexpectedly came out very early. Instead of the usual ‘post 4.00 p.m.’ Darshan, He came out at around 3.35 p.m. Bhajans started. After a while, Bhagawan indicated to two faculty members to come up onto the stage. They were Dr. Ravi Kumar and Sri Sanjay Sahni (Principal). Swami asked them to speak.

Dr. Ravi Kumar narrated some of his experiences, including the incident in Kodaikanal last year, where Swami had materialized an idol of Buddha, which Swami said, had been made from the actual soil of Lumbini.

Sri Sanjay Sahni also spoke about the teachings and episodes of Lord Buddha. One episode was about a disciple of Buddha who comes out to the gathering and declares that Buddha was the greatest and there was none such before, or none would come later. Lord Buddha reprimands the disciple for speaking like that and says, “Endero Mahanubhavulu..”. There are so many great one’s in this world.


As you all may know by now, 5th was a day of uncertainty and suspense. Swami did not come out for morning Darshan. Same thing happened even in the evening. However, in the evening, there was an announcement that the next day, all devotees would assemble inside the Trayee complex itself and Bhagawan will give Darshan from the new Balcony of Trayee Brindavan. No one was sure what happened. But at least they were sure of Darshan the next day.


Happy Eswaramma Day. Let us all pay respects to the Holy and Sacred Mother who gave us our beautiful Lord!!

Possibly for the first time in the history of the Trayee Brindavan, devotees were seated inside the Trayee complex. As you may know, there is a Krishna idol inside the Trayee gardens. Gents were seated to the right of it (i.e. towards Sai Ramesh Hall) and Ladies were seated to the left of the Krishna idol (towards the guest house side).

On the cemented pathway, chairs were arranged for the VIP’s. Boys were seated in the lawns immediately facing the Trayee building. Around 600 Balvikas children had come for the Eswaramma Day celebrations. They were seated on the lawns opposite to the one where boys were seated.

As all sat expectantly, around 8.30 a.m. the lights in the balcony of Trayee went on. All eyes instantly focused up. The door opened and there was Bhagawan seated on a sofa (on wheels). Brother Satyajit wheeled out the sofa into the balcony, until Swami was right next to the grill of the balcony. There was a maroon shawl wrapped around Swami’s chest and the robe was visible below.

(Before going further, let me first tell you what happened. Of course, later in the Discourse Swami will Himself reveal the story. Swami had a injury on His right hand, either  on 4th evening or 5th morning. The injury seems to have caused a hair line fracture (??) in Swami’s right hand (between shoulder and elbow). They have put a strap and a sling that holds His hand in the folded

Swami’s face was in full Bliss. No indication of any pain whatsoever! He asked for Bhajans to start and the Balvikas children started singing Bhajans. Swami then briefly spoke to brother Satyajit and indicated something. Soon there was some commotion and it was clear that Swami wanted to come down. A few minutes later, the Trayee ‘rose wood’ doors opened and there was our Lord on the sofa. Swami smilingly indicated to two students to come closer. What happened next was unimaginable. A lesson for us on transcendence of mind and matter!! With all that discomfort, Swami got up from the sofa and believe it or not, He came walking down the steps of Trayee to the front garden. Boys held Swami helping Him get down the steps.

The sofa was brought and placed on the cemented pathway, outside the front entrance. Swami came and sat down on the sofa. After a while He indicated to two students to speak. A few Balvikas children stood up and chanted Vedam. Subsequently, the first talk was given by Sri Sanjay Mahalingam and the second by Sri Jaipreet Singh (both being ‘just passed out’ MBA students). They spoke on the significance of Easwaramma Day and the importance of worship to the Mother.

Swami then asked for the Discourse Table to be arranged. It was around 9.20 a.m. Bhagawan stood up. The shawl still around Him. He could not place His hands as He usually does on the Discourse table. He waved (Swami’s typical hand movement) His left hand often and many a times even waved slightly with the folded right hand too!!

The highlights of the Discourse follows:

Ø       Matru Devo Bhavaa, Pitru Devo Bhavaa, Acharya Devo Bhavaa, Athiti Devo Bhavaa….

Ø       Swami narrated the entire story of Eswara Chandra Vidyasagar. He spoke about his difficult childhood, how he studied under the street lights….. Later, he became a highly educated person. When he returned home, his mother had three wishes. The first was to build a clinic in their village, the second was to build a school and the third a well for water. Of course she prayed for each of these at different points of time, one after the other and Eswara Chandra Vidya Sagar fulfilled each of these wishes.

Ø       Swami also narrated the incident where Vidya Sagar was once going to give a talk. He gets down the railway station. He sees another gentleman, an IAS officer who was looking for a Coolie. Vidya Sagar approaches him seeking to help him. This man mistakes Vidya Sagar for a Coolie and asks him to carry his luggage. In fact, this IAS officer was going to attend a talk to be given by
Vidya Sagar himself. It is only in the auditorium, when he sees Vidya Sagar delivering his talk, that the IAS officer realizes his folly. Such was the humility and nobility of Vidya Sagar.

Ø       Swami then switched over to the story of Mother Eswaramma who had made similar prayers to Swami to build a school, dispensary and a well for providing water. Mother Eswaramma had seen ladies suffering to carry water from far off wells, she had seen children burdened with carrying slates and pencils for long distances and also ladies with sick children deprived of medical facilities. She kept all this in her mind and at an appropriate moment made these requests to Her son. Swami then said that Sathya Sai has not just fulfilled her wishes but has done much more!!

Ø       One must fulfill one’s Mother’s wishes, however difficult it may be.

Ø       Swami then narrated the story of how He had fractured His hip last year. One day, there was a boy tying a mango leaf toranam onto one of the doors in Trayee.  He was standing on a long stool. Suddenly Swami opened the door. The boy was so startled to see Swami that he lost his balance and fell down. The stool on which he was standing fell on Swami. This is how the hip got a fracture.

Ø       Swami then went on to explain the recent fracture(?). He said that inside Trayee, in His room, one brick was loose because of which there was some protrusion which caused the injury. He clearly stated that this was not on account of any Karmic consequences. He said that it was a “Chinna Paripatu – a small mistake”.

Ø       After this the rest of the Discourse was an uninterrupted flow of praise for His students. It was so overwhelming that one could not contain it. Swami said that the boys who were with Him were taking care of Him so well. He said that, overnight, they had stitched a special robe for Swami, making it very easy to wear the robe. Although they do small small things. These are so valuable!!

Ø       Students who have gone outside are all working in big companies. They are all doing so much of service.

Ø       In fact the only purpose of giving a Discourse today is to make you all aware of the glory of My students. They may look small but all of them are double PG’s. You all devotees should take care of My students.

Ø       My goal is to make such students of noble character.

Ø       Swami also praised the two speaker students and said that they were so keen to serve Swami.

He brought His Discourse to a close at around 10.10 a.m. Aarti was given. He indicated for Prasadam to be distributed. He then went inside Trayee, climbing the steps again!! Just after this there were heavy rains in Brindavan. As though the clouds were just waiting for Bhagawan to retire!!

(A personal note: One really wonders why Swami is taking over so much of suffering on His body. He is beyond all this, but to see His body going through all this is so tough. However, what most of us here feel is that Swami is demonstrating what it means to transcend body and mind. Come what may, He is not stopping any of His regular activities. You see Him and He is always Blissful. Not a streak of strain on His face. There is a very very great lesson for the entire humanity to learn from this most selfless sacrifice of our dear dear Swami. Let us pray to Him to help us too, in overcoming the feeling of body consciousness and raise ourselves to Divine consciousness).

jai sai ram

Posted by Raghavender Balaji on 10.05.2004